Join us in our mission
  • Help the poor and the needy thereby displaying Christ’s Love in Action
  • Reach the un-reached by partnering and supporting the Mission work all over the world thereby fulfilling the Great Commission
  • Train and equip local communities of believers and prepare them for the soon-coming return of our Lord Jesus Christ
  • Ministry
    Domestic Ministry
    Tamil Church
    ICC (Indian Community Church) ministering among the Indian community, especially Tamil community.
    Poor & Needy Support
    Partner with local community non-profit organizations to support the poor and needy people in-and-around Twin Cities, MN.
    Shepherds Insight
    Shepherds Insight meetings/services help and assist believers to grow up full maturity in your......Read More...
    International Ministry
    Tamil Nadu | Missionary Partners
    Village Gospel Mission
    Vineyard Ministries
    Gujarat | Missionary Partners
    Blessing Youth Missions
    Tamil Service - தமிழ் ஆராதனை
    Every Saturday - Tamil
    Time: 6.30 - 8.30pm
    Praise And worship
    2nd Saturday
    Communion, offering and Fellowship Dinner
    4th Saturday
    Multilingual Service and Fellowship Dinner

    Monthly Fasting Prayer
    Every First Saturday of the Month (10:30 AM - 1:00 PM)
    Fellowship Lunch
    Prayer & Bible Study
    Men & Women Prayer on Zoom
    Bible Study on Zoom
    Next Gen - Kids & Youth Worship
    Every 5th Saturday, our kids will lead the worship
    Wooddale Church
       Entrance door #5 (backside)
       6630, Shadyoaks Road
       Eden Prairie MN 55344

    Worship Timing
       Every Saturday evening at 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

    In Christ Ministry
       Pastor. Sam G Jacobs
       Senior Lead Pastor