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Shepherds Insight Meetings

Shepherds Insight meetings/services help and assist believers to grow up full maturity in your relationship with God and others. By being in relationship with fellow believers, you will experience even more of the abundant life Jesus has to offer.

Insight Services help foster and establish friendships so people meet other people who are seeking God just as they are. Believers then encourage, support and challenge each other, pray for each other's needs, learn to intercede for the larger group/body of Christ.

The Insight Meetings aim to equip the Believer to:

(i) Understand the FREEDOM that Truth guarantees in Jesus Christ
The Word of God is the Word of freedom! Continuing in that truth of God's Word (the Perfect Law of Liberty), we end up being a real disciple of Jesus because you will know the truth and the truth will make you free!

(ii) Understand the REDEMPTION that has been hidden over the ages and now made know by GRACE and through FAITH

(iii) Understand one's POSITION as believers: to act, minister, walk, excersize, preach and stand in POWER and in AUTHORITY that Jesus has secured for us !

(iv) Understand the CALLING: that calls us apart, separates us to a Godly, Spotless and Holy Living in preparation as the BRIDE of the LAMB who was, and is and is to come